Dan has been roasting his own coffee for a few years now. A trip to Costa Rica, new friends, and an introduction to the one of the largest fair trade coffee producers in the region inspired Dan's Truckers Blend.

Fair Trade

The coffee beans are grown in Costa Rica and are fair trade.

Truckers Blend

Truckers love coffee! Dan developed his own special roast - Dan's Truckers Blend. It is always fresh, roasted in small batches just for you. 100% Arabica. Medium or dark roast. Ground or whole bean. 

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Order Dan's Truckers Blend Coffee online and we will ship your fair trade coffee to you. Visit our online store on our Order Coffee page.

You truckers out there
I know how you feel
I spent many a year
Behind the Big Wheel.

Sometimes you must wonder
Why you keep shifting those gears
As the miles add up
Over all these years.

This little rhyme
It's for you truckers in the end
You're the reason I've created
Dan's Truckers Blend

about DAN

about the coffee

Dan Leslie has been in the trucking business for over 40 years, and drinking coffee for even longer! 

Dan lives in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia where he owns Leslie Truck Lines Ltd.

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Let's talk about coffee
You'll agree I think
For most of us Canadians
It's our favourite drink

Light, medium and dark
All different kinds of roast
Everyone has an opinion
Of which they love the most.

Coffee from Panama, Africa, Colombia, Brazil.
Are all put to the test
But coffee from Costa Rica
In my opinion is the best.

The farms they are high
About twelve hundred metres up
This is the secret
Of why it's such a great cup.